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Cary Prosthodontics was founded in 1991 by Karen Bruggers, DDS. Dr. Bruggers completed her training in Prosthodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1988 after which she taught full time as a member of the dental school faculty for three years. After a very successful career treating patients in her full time private practice, Dr. Bruggers decided to retire from private practice and return to teaching at Louisiana State University, where she grew up, attended dental school and where her father, also a prosthodontist, served as an associate dean. Dr. Bruggers retired from private practice on May 15, 2017 and is a wealth of knowledge and experience for many budding restorative dentists!

In January 2016, Dr. Bruggers approached Dr. Brandon Kofford who was also practicing prosthodontics in Cary and asked him if he would be interested in assuming stewardship for her prosthodontics practice. Dr. Kofford gave her an unequivocal “Yes!” and joined the practice in November 2016. Dr. Bruggers and Dr. Kofford are kindred spirits and share in treatment philosophies and a common culture of compassion and excellence. We invite you to get to know who we are as a team, as well as who we are as individuals, after all, contrary to popular misconception, Prosthodontists are people too! 

Our Values

Dr Kofford served as a Commissioned Officer in the US Air Force for 6 years rising to the rank of Major.
The Air Force ingrained in him the Core Values of the Air Force:

  • Integrity First
  • Service Before Self
  • Excellence In All We Do

The Air Force tradition of Integrity, Service and Excellence continues in Dr Kofford’s professional life as the steward of Cary Prosthodontics.
Dr Kofford and his team are committed to:

  • Integrity To Do The “Right Thing” At All Times
  • Serving Others And Putting Their Needs Above Our Own
  • Excellence: “If A Job Is Worth Doing, It’s Worth OVERDOING!” 

Our Vision

We constantly strive to be the premier dental clinic in Southern Wake County for prosthodontic treatment and education.

Whether patient needs are as basic as a single crown or as complex as full mouth rehabilitation with crowns, implants or dentures, Cary Prosthodontics will always be the leader in treatment outcomes.

Cary Prosthodontics will continually strive for improved efficiency by incorporating advanced technologies, but the efficiency must also enhance quality and never decrease quality outcomes.

Cary Prosthodontics will be a resource to all dental providers in the community for prosthodontic education, training, mentoring and expert opinions.  

"Find the Fun"

One thing every visitor to Cary Prosthodontics notices immediately is that our team really looks like they have fun and enjoy their work.

My mom raised me on “Mary Poppins” and often quoted her before or during a project that she needed me to do:
“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. [When] You find the fun, ‘SNAP,’ the job’s a game. And every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake. . .” 

"The Happiness Advantage"

Shawn Achor gives a very humorous and concise explanation for the power of positivity as well as 5 recommendations for becoming a positive thinker.

At Cary Prosthodontics, we have built our culture around the principles outlined in this video clip. 

"Problem Solvers"

There are so many different ways to restore and optimize a dentition, our team at Cary Prosthodontics work to find the best solution for each individual and their budget.

We feel a great urgency in providing solutions for our patients not unlike what the Apollo 13 support team problem solvers felt as demonstrated in this video. 

We Can Improve Your Quality of Life


Damaged or missing teeth undercut your health, comfort, and confidence. Thankfully, the advanced treatments available at Cary Prosthodontics, serving Cary and Raleigh, NC, can restore the appearance and function of your smile, radically improving your quality of life.

After receiving implants, advanced dentures, or other dental prosthetics, you can once again eat your favorite foods, brush and floss normally, and laugh and smile without embarrassment.

Take the first step towards a fully functioning mouth by scheduling an appointment with our prosthodontists. You can request a consultation by filling out our online form or calling our friendly team at: 

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