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Hello America! My name is Ray Salermo. I was born on a little island located in the Carribean Sea with many needs and where the people, the beaches, the music and our cuisine are the best things we have. I grew up in difficult circumstances which is why I always had my mind fixed on improving the lives of families and individuals, and this is one of the reasons that I am here today. At 15 years of age I had my first and only experience in a dental clinic which initiated my professional path.

After significant effort and studies, I was accepted to the Medical University of Habana where I completed my studies and became a Dentist, successfully graduating in the year 2015. I was granted a special work visa to Venezuela for a medical mission. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I travelled through various foreign and dangerous experiences. As I recall, I was in Colombia for six months where I worked in a clinic called "Red Oral," until I arrived in the United States of America, the day I was born again: February 27, 2017. Knowing that my dental license would not be valid in this country, I completed an examination to be a dental assistant in a language that I had only started to learn 6 months earlier.

I arrived in North Carolina on March 16, 2017 and with the help of the Lord, I was introduced to an excellent group that gave me the opportunity to join them. It's also been instructive to have Dr Brandon Kofford teaching me the true dental techniques and procedures that I hadn't known before.

Our team is fabulous, committed and unique. Each of us on the team at Cary Prosthodontics work in sync with one another and this is what we want, each patient that arrives at our office feels like they are one of our family and receives the best attention possible.

Without more to tell you but much to give, I invite you to get to know us.
"Join Us!"

Hola America! Mi nombre es Ray Salermo, nací en una pequeña isla ubicada en el caribe con muchas necesidades y donde las personas, las playas, la música y nuestra cosina son las buenas cosas que tenemos, crecí en ambientes dificiles, por lo que simpre mi mente se mantuvo deseosa de mejorar la situación en el hogar y esta es una de las razones por las cuales estoy hoy aquí. A los 15 años tuve la primera y única experiencia en una clinica dental la cual basto para marcar mi camino profecional.

Después de mucho esfuerzo y estudio alcance la universidad medica de la Habana donde realicé mis estudios hasta convertirme en Dentista en el año 2015 graduandome existosamente. Se me otorgó una especialidad directa y un viaje de trabajo a Venezuela para brindar ayuda médica. Aprovechando esta oportunidad emprendí mi viaje pasando por varios peligros fuera de mis conocimientos. Estuve 6 meses por mi cuenta en Colombia donde trabaje en una clina llamada Red Oral, hasta llegar a United States of America el dia que nuevamente nací, 27 de febrero del 2017.

Sabiendo que mi licencia como Dentista no era valida en este país realicé un exmane para ser asistente dental en un idioma que recien comensaba a practicar 6 meses atras.

Llegue a North Carolina el 16 de marzo y con el señor apoyandome conoci un excelente grupo de trabajo que me dio la opurtunidad de unirme a el. Cuento además con la excelente ayuda del Dr. Brandon Kofford enseñandome la verdaderas técnicas y prosederes dentales que antes no conocía.

Nuestro grupo de trabajo es favuloso,compenetrado y único. Nuestro ambiente laboral es en armonia y eso es lo que queremos, cada uno de los pacientes que llega a Cary Prosthodontics sienta que es uno de nosotros y que reciba la mejor de las atenciones antes brindada.

Sin mas que contar pero si mas que dar los invito a conocernos. "Unetenos!"

Hear What Our Happy Patients Say

"Simply the BEST! It is a terrifying prospect to have your teeth removed. Not only the pain but the the reality that you will have to go into the world with plastic teeth in your mouth for the rest of your life. I came to Dr. Kofford filled with trepidation. He immediately put me at ease. His easy going, almost goofy, manner was comforting. But it is his skill building the denture that's the most amazing! No one knows I have false teeth! They're gorgeous! He is an artist. Simply brilliant."

— Hope A.

"Wonderful experience. Love his sense of humor. I was very comfortable."

— Elizabeth B.

"Incredible attention to detail and perfection. My procedure was very well thought out and planned to the finest detail. I was extremely impressed with how well my implant procedure went and when I saw the bite wing afterwords, it was absolutely perfectly placed. Well done Dr. Kofford & Dr. Smith."

— R. B.

"I would recommend Dr. Kofford to anyone needing a prosthodontist. Dr. Kofford also has a good sense of humor which makes his patients feel at ease – which is a big plus for me, because I just love going to the dentist as I am sure everyone else does!"

— Jean H.

"Dr. Brandon Kofford is a Genius. I am a hard patient, terrible overbite, he is kind, considerate and understanding. The man is just a hard worker, he loves his job."

— Irish S.

"Dr. Kofford is a true craftsman when it comes to crowns. He is also a very considerate man with a good sense of humor. Just beware of his singing."

— David E.

"Very concerned, helpful, friendly and professionally excellent. Even being a dentist office, I find it an uplifting experience when entering this office. I seem to feel a kinship with Dr. Kofford and all the rest of the staff."

— R. N.

"A good relaxed friendly feeling in the office, never out of the loop of what is going on. It's all been very good so far, very good work and very kind service always."

— H. W.

"Dr. Kofford is by far the best Prosthodontist I have ever had!  He faced a dental challenge when replacing an ill-fitting bridge as I have an extreme overbite which proved to be very tricky. He has the patience of a saint and is a perfectionist with the skills to back this up. He also has a wonderful staff.  I HIGHLY recommend him!"

— H. P.

"Dentistry 2.0.  New technology dentistry with good old school values. Dr. Kofford and his staff make you feel like your just hanging out with really good friends. The professionalism of everyone is 2nd to none. If you are looking for the best painless dental experience, I couldn't recommend them any stronger."

— Paul M.

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